School District #73 (Kamloops/Thompson) and Thompson Rivers University are bringing together some of the most exciting leaders and educators of our time to build a community of learners for three days in October. As technology continues to revolutionize our society, best practice of the use of technology in classrooms has yet to be defined mainly due to the challenge of technology continuously reinventing itself. Today the technological world has moved onto the creation of social networks where students have built a new way of connectedness through sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Zorpia or Twitter. Where is education in all of this social change? How has instruction, assessment and the classroom changed because of this? How should it change? How do our students learn best given that they have grown up in this digital world? These questions and many more will be explored at Tech-it-Up International this October.
Last modified: Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 1:12 PM